Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tamar Tidings Part #1

Tamar Tidings is a murderer. It's killing me. It's killing me!!! It's killing everyone of us, and we are all SICK of doing it!!!

You couldn't imagine it. You just couldn't UNLESS you were me/us. The breeze feels like its blowing at 160km/h for 3 hours; rocking the fucking barge back and front, side to side like a rocking chair with twenty wheels. Whadthehellman!

And guess what we are wearing? OVERSIZED costumes. GREAT~!! -______-"

1. It's bloody DANGEROUS (we were told that we might FALL into the water so if we FEEL we will, we can dodge down?!)
2. It's freeeekinggg COLD!!!!!!!!!!
3. Then the "not fat" people got SICK; i got a very bad sore throat, slight flu and starting to feel feverish every now and then)
4. And being on diet, having lack of carb, rocking everywhere the place, having to MEMORIZE your fucking LINES,


but WHAT. EV~! It's not like i can do anything about it right... though i always wish i will FAINT from shivering as i waste my calories banked in weeks ago, then they will have to hospitalize me and make the director feels sorry with his obtuse idea. LOL!

Here is a shot of myself for the "Chinese Bride" scene on the FIRST Night SHOWING @ Seaport:-

Do i remind you of your dead great grandmother hanging on the wall at your grandma 's house???

Ain | Tracy | Miss C in costumes

Ain as "Emily" in the Beaconsfield School scene

Look at ME; the fourth from the right - looking lost and depressed. LOL! Convicts mar (NOT maid). And can you actually see me tou tou mo mo pulling up my bloody longggggg skirt?

Singing the FINALE: Can see me or not?! Finddd meeee laaaa..... Don't so lazy!

The FUN part??? - The AFTER PARTY. ha-ha-ha!!!

Yum Cha-ing at Mud Bar (AGAIN!!!)

Miss C | Tracy | Shiv | Laura | Ain

Group picture la duh~ How can you not have one if you have one big bunch of friends?

Me and Tracy trying our very best to take a nice shot of HOT CHOCOLATES in GLASSES!!!

i think we failed. This shot reminded me of those morning Milos mum made where she tou tou mo mo added in Mr Quaker 's OATS instead! *UuuEeeKkK~!*

And i know actually they don't have enough mugs la... still want to pretend special.

Got MILK?!

Aaron, my Superman, and i

Tracy and Shiv

Me and Tracy! (she's my Hollywood star!)

Vaseist, my bodyguard and i... ))): Macha went back to Malaysia dy..... ))))):

HeHe! Mr President and his secretary? More of SECRET(ary) gossip antenna, i think!

Second Night Showing @ Gravelly Beach:-

the fucking barge

in the bus: me and Kristen

This is what i call the "inside out" CANDID. You know how meh? You dono! HAHAHA!!! qqq:

our horrid costumes!

Hideous WIGS with shoe polish on it!!! *SICK!* Think of the SMELL, man... THINKKK!!! and then SNIFFF it!!!

tryyying to look pretty in the worst condition EVER!

Ain mixed matched - Chinese prospector + my mother-in-law from China; when she is Malay. Kesian!

The Chinese prospectorsss trying to look O.K. (when i am the only one who IS Chinese!) - fucked up script, seriously. All they wanted is to bunch us up ASIANS and give us "kalefeh" roles.

stupid barge

Tracylicious with the barge backdrop! so hard to take, OK~ this shot

the audience seats bunched up

costumes check

detaching tents

We did our costumes and MAKE-UP changes in! the! DARK! under. SHAKING! TENTS!!!

but at least i got some roses to tranquil me a lil'...

did i just FORGET to mention that despite all the ABOVE, i was performing like a BAT WITHOUT my lenses OR glasses?!?!?!?!?!?! i almost tripped and fell while wearing that grotesque hideous lonGGG skirt as i crossed the bridge from the pontoon!

looking tired after performance~ q:

wearing red to steal away the redness of my pink nose

i don't think i like TAMAR, people!!!!!

*sobzzz~* still have 8 performances to go..........