Friday, October 5, 2007

Laconic VS Loquacious

frankly , my dainty lil' pink Sony camera spoilt more than a week ago . everyone who knew that asked me if i can still live . i thought that was pretty nutty of them to pop up such question ; only to realize that they were right . hmph !

of course i can still breathe ! but you know what it is that we meant la okay ! i've been to sooo many events lately and couldn't take even ONE bloody picture with my outrageously free ten fingers . how pathetic ! my hands never felt so idle when it comes to occasions , except for this fucking time .

i was such a genius i posted the camera's warranty card in a whole without keeping the copy of it with me . actually , this cool pink gadget is a gift from my ex boyfriend at the States . i haven't even return him the money and now it khiong khiao kha-ed . to repair would cost me 215.72 dollars and with that amount of money , i could buy a NEW Olympus camera here . what say you ? of coz tunggu balik Malaysia lah !

but what would LIFE be like for MEEEEEEEEEE without a CAMERA during my LASTTTTTTTT 3 months here in AUSTRALIA ?!?!?!?! anyone any useful opinions ?????????

To repair or Not to repair ; That is the Question .

but whatEV ~ . i almost chose to stay at home instead of seeing everyone snapping around with their cameras but i'm not THAT stupid . no one will care if i am sad anyway ; in fact , no one loves to see others happy .

so . a few days ago , i went to a moon cake festival party where everyone has to dress up as a Chinese ancient character . Irene and I took on the green and white snake role ! mind you , it's SNAKES ! you think i dare meh ~

the squib

green snake and white snake !!!

Irene | Ester | Christina | Ivy | Cherlyn | Me

me and the yang - paling - "keng" costumes

friends forever cliche'

not surprise right ? only 5 pictures in this entry . hahaha !!!

ok la , my camera rosak and i just knew the cost to repair today ; never expect it to be SO bloody expansive . no mood to blog . eyes pain . podah ~