Saturday, September 8, 2007

This took my whole Saturday

i jubilantly manifest that THIS is the most FuN trip to HOBART so far !

i suppose , it's who you go with ; that is the question .

back to front ; left to right : Joel | Nurul | Miss C | Kin Wai | Hassan

Jon (mama Taurus) feeding the driver ; Najib (papa Taurus) the double coat Tim Tammies i brought .

p/s : are we there yet ? are we there yet ? *lol*

OK . the JOKE RIDDLE of the day - Ready ?

as we were acting as nuisance kiddos bugging our "mama & papa" with our "are we there yetS" and toilet breakS permissions , Hassan asked :

cuba ko fikir , kalau seorang lelaki tu nak berak , tapi cuma ada lubang kat depan jerk , macam mana tahi tu nak keluar ?

tau tak macam mana ? ni lah yang aku nak geLaK nih ~

aku rasa kan , KALAU tahi tu nak keluar ikut depan , mesti macam ... CHOKI CHOKI rupanya . tau Choki Choki ? MESTI sakit sial ~ !

Choki Choki tuu , selalunya aku kalau beli seringgit , dapat sepuluh !

*LOL!* Hassan , Hassan , macam tu punnn , kau boleh pikir ~ lmao (! X1000)

aside from the 2 Tauruses we got , we have 2 Arieses as well !

* i'm Miss Cellaneous - the one & only Scorpio in da' house ~ ! *

lelong lelong specs ~ - an attempt Kin Wai made to make me feel better going bat blind without glasses on as i can't wear lenses .

the kuda sssss

silhouette of relinquishments

this trip this time actually granted one of my many tiny wishes - to stop by Campbell town and hopscotch around for a bit !

* sweet posers ! *

i usually introduce a new morsel in entries labeling "food" & others .

This time , i found the MOST marvelous bombshell ! Get ready .....


FOR ...



heard of ? thought of ? ever foreseen ?

above is a picture for those of you who can't even imagine how it may look like if i just mention the name .

special leh ~ ~ ~ the measure of satisfaction by eating this morsel is :

Larger_Than_Life ! ! !

trust me !

next is a little quaint shop pink labeled " A Little Piece of Heaven " !!!

the tiniest pink theater ever ! - starring 3 puppets that acts on their own which ; is the ONLY reason that attracted me into this shop ~

~*~ Banjo Pastry House ~*~

the reason why you shouldn't work at the bakery .

the tiniest (party) pie & quiche i'd ever seen !

NEXT Stop .

~*~ Ross Village Bakery ~*~

Hassan & I

Kin Wai & I

pastries selections

the BEST scallop pie EVER ! -but actually it's very hard to find any scallops inside . =.="

Reached Hobart !

the Estima we rented

me & Kin Wai again *in front of the University of Art @ Hobart*

Cancel CANCER by taking shots like this ...

... no wonder he got beaten up by some smokers *LOL*

Yatch ! - i come out with 3 different pronunciations each time i say this word

^ Mount Wellington ! ^

the symbol of Mt. Wellington - the bigger it seems the sooner you are to reach ~ d-u-h but really ler !

WeeEeEeEeEe ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! i'm @ the TOP !!! ^^

snow Snow SNOW !!! *@o@*

me with my sprained ankle which has the habit to stick out lately

the first time after four years since i last touched the snow !

we got Winter Sonata

new version of Snow White

small oblong rocks forming a big rocky hill

the man waiting for Godot . can you SPOT him ?

snow OR ice ?

the answer is ...

Nurul & her piece of ice !!!

kita makan ais kacang tanpa kacang ~

i wish i have this crystal chalice like hut as my county house where i play the piano ...

... as i render the most lovely melody ever heard to the whole city during sunsets

the batang view from tempered hut - this picture somehow reminded me of Sleeping Beauty ... ?

a walk to remember

that white oblong is the casino - tallest shortest building @ Hobart

Me acting cheeky | Najib | Nurul

suicide dolls

alamaaak ~ budak jalan belakang = Backstreet Boys

night time came before we even realized it and we had a potluck dinner @ Aman (damai)'s house !

awesome Malaysian food served !

bebudak gembira nampak PROTON - kalau kat Malaysia nak beli kereta import ~ !

~~~ Queen's Head Jazz Bar ~~~

Marilyn Monroe #2

beer o beer oh beer o'er beer

Joel & muah'

me & Najib - the MSA president

right to the left : Kin Wai | Sasha | Miss C | Jonathan | kak Nurul !

next day . p / s : thanks , Kin Wai ; for the free stay !

Story : The Parliament Nuts

because we pleased the ex mayor (Don Wing - you can Wiki him) during the MSA night and appeared on the local newspaper TWICE , we received a *SPECIAL* invitation by Don Wing himself to tour the Parliament !!! apparently , not just anyone can , and we were EVEN allowed to take pictures !!!!! *:DDD

the Tasmania Parliament

a TV station crew happened to be there shooting some news and shit

we were all scanned through as if we were to enter an airplane . Joel wore a belt with a big metal buckle and that stupid machine rang but thank God the peeps there didn't suspect us yellow skins or whatsoever ~ ! surprisingly , we had VERY VERY good service !!! just like in an airplane as well .

me & Nurul with the Parliament badge above our head

the "long room"

a 1887 or earlier portrait of the 1ST mayor who won the election , or something like that .

long row on a long chair in a long room

unbelievable ! i never ever even imagined myself in such a frame !

The President's Chair with the front legs terminating in lions' paws

Principessa in Waiting ~ q:

Portrait of Queen Victoria by J. Prescott Knight R.A. -LOOK AT HER RIGHT HAND !!!

now LOOK AT MY RIGHT HAND !!! !!! *hahaha !*

The Prestige #2 wannabes *cun siut!*

the Parliament secretary took this picture , sent it to be developed ON THE SPOT , and gave us a copy each with a golden frame decorating the sides !

Poser betul ~ !

lazing on the couches while waiting for tea to be served ~

Don Wing's office !!!

tell me if you are smart enough the "problem" with this old clock

cenderahati dari Malaysia

into the secret dungeon museum

cryptic crypt

old fags *=X

a gigantic book i believe no one ever finished reading in this life

our last group pic @ the Parliament entrance

with the hospitable secretary who makes good tea and kindly took us around ; Janet

got our asses out of the Parliament and cari makan !

a picture i thought looked very artistic and "Rome" but the guys ... you know ... ? -___-"

we hit MURES !

with the ex SUKMA swimmer again ~

with Nurul again ~ *LOL*

Here We Are :

japanese MACCHA ice cream !!! = ~ macha !!! i just had to take this pic to show my indian macha friends *LOL*

the most wonderful Green Tea ice cream i EVER had !

MORE ice creamsss @ Fishy Business !!!!!

Macadamia flava i got ere' ~ ! ^^

just before anything continues .

Q : WHY do you think we made this trip to Hobart ?

a. celebrate our success on MSA night (MSA belanja!)
b. a friendly football match between Launnie VS Hobart
c. a road trip with friends - jalan jalan cari makan

the answer is ...

B !

The Tasmanian Uni League !


p / s : Hobart only got 1 . but the winner is Hobart team . -__________- "

Ain fell off the bench after she set her camera's timer and rushed to get into the cheerleaders group pic as well ! lol ~

the guys warmed up for half an hour . Vaseist is too tall he kicked the ball and it went ...

... and the boys couldn't get it down !

so Vaseist came for the RESCUE !!! - look at Khulbir the one in white . LOL !

indoor soccer in a basketball court . =.=

which reminds me of how lucky Malaysians at MALAYSIA are as we have heaps of futsal spots .

we have Nakata leh ~

** Nakata & I **

haha ! no lah ~ his real name is Zuk - not Zouk either !

Hobart football players

my current wallpaper : *** my favourite STAR footballers & I !!! ***

as i told u , Hobart won with only 1 cheerleader who hardly cheer . buat malu , sial ~ ! LMAO !


a simple and creative way to decorate your house : leaves and lilies in long cylinder vases

an organic wedding gown !!!!!

that was on our way walking for half an hour to NANDO'S !

eXtra HOT Peri Peri chicken with Portuguese Roll - gave 1 & a 1/2 to my friends =.=

Khulbir & Acap ordered the *NEW* 3-chicken-thighs thing , and this is what came out :

dued to its ridiculously small serving size , Khulbir was pissed he called it chicken tahi (kui sai) instead .

Nurul & Najib on the other hand shared a BIG chicken serving for a very cheap deal !!!

i bumped into Alex from Hobart ! ^^

I gave Kin Wai one of those life experiences you must have as a guy to understand girls better -

apply lip GLOSS + COLOR !!!!! *hahaha !!!*

damnnn geli , man ~ ! ta por with janggut and glossy lips ! yeEeEeEeE ~ ~ ~ ! ! ! >.<

macho machas in black !

acting as KLCC's bridge : Jack | me | Vaseist - can you imagine how TALL Vaseist IS ?!?!?! omfg ~

Table # 1

Table # 2

it's 4.07 a.m !!! and i'm going to the morning market @ Invermay tomorrow morning at 10 , AND have lunch with Kin Wai , Darren , Airene , and of course , myself . D-U-H . -o-

thanks Najib and friends for such a fun and unforgettable carefree trip to Hobart ! life could never feel even more joyous without such great company all along !

* Lots of Love * ^^