Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Syrupy Dulcet Rendezvous

Finally. Ain, Jonathan and Tracy (my ex classmates from SyUC DPA - Sunway University College's School of Performance + Media) reached Tasmania to join this semester with muah! I'm so contented! Seriously.

Our first reunion lunch togetha' after half a year @ BLUE Cafe ! (without Tracy who hasn't reached)

* Ain & I *

* PiZza! *

* Jon & I * (he didn't want to tell me any gossips if I don't take any picture(s) with him~ hahaha!

* In the Classroom - Ain, Me, & Charles *

Now, with TRACY !!!

* Ain, Me, + Tracy !!! * @ the grass field in front of Uni~

Partee Time !!!

1ST Round :

Joel's "School Re-Open Party"~!

*Me & Irene *

* Vaseist, Alvin, Me, Irene, Khulbir, & JoeL! *

Thanks Joel; for the FREE food and drinks! (;

2ND Round :

Jon's "House Warming Party"~!

Jon is staying in a studio apartment kinda thing... errr... in a One Man's House. ehem, Mr, so rich izzit? LOL!

Paying $200+ per week! = 600+ ringgit per WEEK?!?!?! siao~ if me i rather sleep underground with some ninja turtles~

But luckily the owner was kind enough to furnish the house with EVERYTHING, even paintings, teapot set, chio lamps, etc etc etc.

* the so called chio tea set larh~ what do you expect? *

* the living room where Jon decorated with MASSIVE pictures of Jesuses~ -.-" *

* the COMFY B.E.D !!!!! with the poles summore... >.< *
* his EXTRA WHITE, EXTRA CLEAN bathroom *

The toilet bowl @ my house is coated with the 2 dicky pigs urine for 2 months already the liquid waste had now become pepejal. Believe? Who doesn't believe PLEASE DO tell me @ the comment section deh~ I take picture prove to you, OK boh? Cuz I really want to do that but my bestie said that would be too gross for my blog. -_____-"

So PLEASE give me an excuse to do so before I MOVE OUT this WEEK!!! Unless of course, if you never want to see HOW urine can turn into substance.

*FREE player provided by the owner as well! *

Now. The PARTY Part. Yes, where had it been?

* The Extra DRY beers we had... *

Jade : Eh, why call dry? So dry where got nice?

Khulbir : *shakes head cuz I don't un* Dry is good. The dyer the better!

Jade : Why lahh?! Why not basah one? Got moist one arh? I want moist one leh... >.<

Khulbir, Vaseist, Alvin, Ain *Laugh Out Loud!* Jade *blurr kao kao!*

Jade : WHAT?! If got DRY then must have Wet one rite?!?!

Khulbir : *finally explains* No, if dry then it means you don't get that full so easily; means you can drink MORE lah!

Jade : Oooohhh~~~! Say earlier lah! -_____-"

& so I drank more feeling dryer (maybe psychology la), thus drank more, and more still never get moister...

* ...and made even Jesus wanted to drink beer thus he finished it... *

* ...please don't blame me I was a lil' tipsy... *

* you can see here ON my FACE!... *
(blame Khulbir; the bir [BeeR] guy!!! -he is actually Singh mix Philippine blood & a Christian...)

* ...took a senget to the left picture with Irene who looked a bit scared when I put the beer bottle in front of Jesus... *

* ...and so I took it away and show-offed to our friend how sedap Nachos cheese is instead~ *

Then it comes to Game Time! q:

Jade : *lazed on sofa like a fat purple bloating worm* EH! So SIEN weh! Let's play a game.

ALL : OK. What game ???

Jade : Wah~ So supportive one~? Erm, play Ping Pang Waa!

ALL : Waa! How to play? Demonstrate!


play play play...

the typical punishments -

The cabut bulu kaki :

Vaseist : Eh, macha~ your leg damn white laa.. pull one dy red red how?

Jon : Just pull lah, quick!


Jon : AhaHahaH... <-- ketawa sakit tuu~

Vaseist : Wah, you see! His hair damn long. *throws hair on Khulbir who is sitting in front of standing Vaseist*

Khulbir : *tindakan refleks* PHUI PUI PHUI~! Apa ni!, throw to my face?! *the bulu masuk-ed his mouth*

HA-HA-HA ! ! !

The Kissy Kissy Kiss

It took them about 15 minutes to decide HOW to punish ME.
It took Me about 15 minutes to take action and this picture.
Touched by any ways? *HahahA!*

Last but not least,

* The Group Picture *

Welcome to Tassie my three "new" classmates! Hope you'll have a great year here!
Glad to have you guys by my side again~Never alone again anymore... ^^