Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Whopee Hurrah

Aloha again kewl peeps!!! Finally I'm back from my Melbourne trip! It was the MOST fun & boisterous trip I had so far(!!!!!) but exceptionally, I'm going to blog about some other issues first instead of the beautiful city, Melbourne. Mua ha ha ha ha ~!

Make sure you read this cause it's absolute FUN! (at least for ME!)

Why? Well, it started off like this :

I was having a luxurious dinner at a famous restaurant at Melbourne's China Town when a friend of mine from Launnie rang me up and told me about the most exciting and thrilling news I'd heard so far. Seriously! & guess what?, it's about my bloggy!

After blogging for so long and reading numbers of countless blogs especially those like XiaXue's or Dawn Yang's which risen up numerous useless invisible controversy over the net, today I got my FIRST one of my OWN!

First and foremost, what I should really say is that this woman here is worst than a bitch, nor a cow, nope, neither a rat, less than a peck of dust, but I would claim... maybe more suitable to fit the shoes fit for a chicken's feet? hehehe!!!

What an interesting creature we have here, don't we? But I'm not here to help some germs promote their blog(s) so I shall not mention it's blog which is full of useless entries about its balderdash meaningless trashy stories of its so-called "hubby".

P/S: The writing in BLUE is "hers".

Why is she a chicken?

1. This dastard chickadee had claimed that she just finished her semester, felt very much contained, and the first thing she chose to do, was to BITCH about ME when we don't really know each other.

She is an architecture student, just like most of my Asian friends I know here. I never talked to her, but added her to my Friendster list as she is one of those people I know from the architecture group. To me, I thought all Asians here should bergether-gether, but apparently this cock-a-doodle-doo expects me to kiss her bare chicken feet. How funny!

She is just a friend's housemate who added me in friendster and pretend she don't know me in school right after that. *roll eyes again* But whatever, not like I'm damn interested to be included in her "beautiful" self shots. She did crash our class sometimes and sit in the middle of the room and take more self shots. (-_-)

P/s: Please mind your grammar especially when you want to bitch about someone behind their back. This is where people can pick back on you, genius.

- friendster -> Friendster
- pretend -> pretendED ?
- don't know -> DIDN'T know ?
- sit -> sAt
- take -> took

Gosh~! Shouldn't I roll my eyes double. I wouldn't care if I have any turkey shoot grammar mistakes as I am just squelching one's unchaste barbaric act, but shouldn't she know this better? HAHAHA!!! (-_____-) "

Yes, I did went to the archi building together with my best friend to do my assignments and cam whore myself when I'm bored. But hello, Bird! Is that building YOURS??? Or your ah kong's name written there ah? Or your ancestor's? I thought it was written there UTAS?

Oh! I can't blame a bird, can I? That would be so cruel, as I know bird don't have good eyesight like mortals do, but don't they have a 360 degree view? What a pity this bird... sighz~

Talking about cam whore, our KFC friend from 1982 is actually a big fat cam WHORE as well! (:

2. My Vagina Monologue ?

She can talk about the most bimbotic things ever. Like for example, June 10 2007, entry on periods. Uh ok, like point no. 2 is so interesting...

2. there is no difference placing the pad first before wearing your underwear OR wearing your underwear halfway with your legs terkangkang (open wide wide) and THEN sticking the pad, cause if the top part is not secured properly, it will stil flip up and stick to your pubic hair which; will involve some specialization stunt to be done...

Firstly, the whole big chunk of it just says... specialization skill = to be able to stick the top part of the pad properly. It ain't that difficult right?

Secondly, there is this thing call the BRAZILIAN WAX!!! No more pubic hair to worry about after that right? *roll eyes*

I shall try my best to understand that only mammals have periods, not hens. If being a female and having periods is just THAT simple and all about securing pads on their panties, there wouldn't be any fun buying and trying different brands and types of pads, Bird Brain.

Plus part of the fun is these lil' secret stories we girls share with each other occasionally on a girl's night out or stay over. But ahah, I suddenly think I know why I must find excuses to forgive this quitter.

a. This hen might had have her feathers at her pubic area waxed for her rooster. (Can you imagine how a hen's face would look like when that's done? hahaha!!!)

b. Her time spend with her rooster would probably be mostly under the florescent light so that her mate can help her pluck every rambut or bulu grown at her underarm as that would take a longer time than wax since they love each other's company so much. (I doubt if they would try this after seeing my great idea of mine!)

c. I've heard that this hen doesn't have many girl friends here. HAHAHAHA! Not surprising, eh? A betina who probably never had the acquaintance with its girl friends about the most basic girls' talk. (Shame on you. Why do you think people produce shows like Sex and the City or Vagina Monologues?)

3. This queer duck was exacerbated by my Profile in my bloggy. Inconcievable! I wonder how that small box of my own privacy annoyed this flat beak.

"Perfect recipe for a bimbo."

I'm actually proud one would think so. Cause I really think it is close to perfect. & there's nothing in this world that could make me happier than being able to please myself first, rather than the whole world. Fair enough, people?

I really don't understand WHY are there such vexatious people minding businesses of those that have nothing to do with them, and the next thing saying stuff like "I know I shouldn't get so worked up and so mad at someone whom I don't even know But..." Isn't that 100% CRAP? -.-"

4. This excited bird species got really excited at some point of reading my blog.

Oh oh, and do check out 9th June entry too. She actually took pictures of her cleavage!! Hahaha! Like I can so understand why someone wanna show off her boobs but USUALLY people do it with their face partially in it. She totally crop hers out. For WHAT sia? I have several names to offer for this group of people but on second thoughts I'll keep them to myself.

Hahaha! I swear I laugh at this when I read it. I want to show off my susu cause it got bigger now and I'm PROUD of it~! So what?! Lei CHOI arh~?

Check out her website on her June 14th 2007 entry. Looks like she is trying SO hard to cover her spilling boobs she has to cover her face and say she is "chio" in pic. *SWEAT 99!*

The truth is, I was cam whoring all the time and I sometimes got fowl shots without my heads or my eyes, but still find my body an interesting piece of art in the picture, then just posted everything up. Plus, if you really read that 9th June entry of mine, it's written there VERY CLEARLY. >>> It's either you HATE me or LOVE me , JEALOUS or BENEVOLENT.

Well, I guess we have one JEALOUS craven here.

5. She is really a jealous Taurus.

Taurus Negative Traits
Prone to Jealousy
Resentful & Rigid
Greed & Self Indulgence

The main issue with her is the attitude she gave, someone said girls like her think that they are God's gift to man. This fit her so well. She seriously walk around with that look. The way she take photos with the ang mos, oh come on, don't bring down the reputation of Asian woman here. Thank goodness she isn't Singaporean, ha!!

Don't judge a book by it's cover, vagina. Everyone who knows me knew that I am definitely NOT obsessed with ang mohs ok. I am not studying a common course and how many Asians do you expect to study a specialization in Theater? Apparently, I'm the FIRST and ONLY Asian who join this course at Tasmania. My classmates and events I joined will then be ALL with THEM. What do you expect? Swing hand in hand with YOU? Pei~! I never think that I am God's gift to man but even if I do, you have no rights to judge one's reputation by their confidence! Kurang ajar betul!

Why don't you go comment on XiaXue who has an ang moh boyfriend? Scared she sue you and hack your blog? What a REAL chicken~! Want to bitch then why bitch behind people's back? -_______-"


THAT'S WAR MAN!! Those are PARROTS!!! Cockatoos to begin with and Rose Breast Cockatoos to be exact or Pink Cockatoo if someone wants to call them that. Where on earth did she come up with ideas on calling those poor things TURTLE DOVES?!?!! I don't mind if in her self obsession, the only bird species she know is dove but in WHICH way did they look like turtle? Are they green? No. They have shell? No. Yes there is a species of birds call turtle doves and that's cuz they have feathers at their back which look like turtle shell. Which part of my poor cute Hiccups look like turtle?!!? *roar*

The comment I'm most proud of which is also (I guess) the main reason this buzzard hates me for no reasons.

Apparently, the sua ku one here is this birdish brainy. Look at this famous Christmas song below:

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lords a-leaping,
Nine ladies dancing,
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans-a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French Hens,
Two turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Hahaha! Fucking bitch, dude, this bitch is! She probably thought that she has a vast knowledge of BIRDS and wanted to comment on me?! *laughs*

P/S: She is a Singaporean.

I'm not Christian but at least I know this simple kid's X'mas song kayz~

*p.s. no offense to the rest of the population who are Singaporeans or like to go cynical or simply bo song strangers' blogs or thought that they are the best kia su people. Those are fine with me realLy, it probably is just her that irks me. *shivers*

Better save your bloated bulgy round face lah~ And I'm STILL showing my small longkang. SO WHAT?!

The "feather saints" requested for a free publicity in my blog.

There you go:
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