Friday, June 29, 2007

Snow. Sweets. Style. Streets.

I'm boondoggling again. Promises I haven't return are the entries of my play "Dinner" I directed, my Melbourne trip, and also the Winter Camp.

That makes three, and I consider that a LOT K, cuz my internet connection takes a century to load 10 pictures. Or at least, it feels like so. Seriously.


On the last day of my show; which is on 19th June, (HOLY SHIT! That's AGES ago~!) Irene and I planned to do some outing during the day. & the main reason? Nanti baru cakap.

We spotted this tree on the way there. Its ironic really, as we see this tree almost EVERYDAY, but it never seemed as beautiful as we felt it was that particular day. We then agreed that its because holiday just started, and everything feels like spring.

Like this golden tree for example!

Then we went to Bakers Dozen for lunch.

Spinning Wheel

I'm so, so, sorry, it's been toooooo long I can't remember what's this call which Irene had for lunch!

A choc truffle

Meringue ~

If you wonder why is it in pieces, this is why.

Jade Z. : May I know what's this?

Lady : Oh, it's Meringue. It's VERY sweet; made up of beaten egg white and sugar.

Jade Z. : Cool! Can I try this?

Lady : (looks at me) Wait a minute. (comes back) There.

Jade Z. : (look at Lady. 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec. look at Irene, look back at Lady)

Lady : Oh, I'm sorry! I broke it. You can have this for free.

FREE!!! ? !!!

LOL! Actually, what I meant was I wanted to buy that to try how it tastes like, but the magic of words is priceless we got a free meringue! hehe! Thanks to the Lady of Bakers Dozen~!!!

OK, now. The answer for the main reason we go down to the city.

Alright. This is BEFORE.

This is AFTER.

See the difference? I got a haircut!!! Nice???

Cuz that day would be the last day of my "Dinner" showing, and all the directors were suppose to look their best. Well, I couldn't be bothered the previous show, but this show is different. Because people I KNOW will be coming by... & one of them was my then so-called Bb.....

I spotted some news presenter recording LIVE somewhere outside a pharmacy.

T.O.Y.S. When was the last time you say that word ? (:

In a toy shop I'm in, with crazee colorful KirBy!!!

Wendy's. Aussie's Baskin Robins. Something like that lah~

Irene and I self-customize our own Chocolicious with extra Hot Fudge as Chocolicious was no more in this season. hehehe!!!

That was how a 3/4 of our day ended. Under the silver lining crescent moon... I waited for a crispier breeze, a darker night, a brighter hope...

& Sure enough, my show went on P-E-R-F-E-C-T the last night.