Monday, May 14, 2007

Updates?, You Reckon?

It has been 2 weeks since I moved from Single to Double bedroom. I used to stay in a smaller room further down in my house, but now, to a bigger one at the front.

I love my room SO MUCH I could die (well, actually any room I stay in I will make it so) & doesn't that make you wonder why I moved?

I am probably not THAT stupid to change rooms after all the money & time spent on decorating my space!

The Thing Is:

I am staying with 3 other housemates. The girls are Airene & I, & the guys ?

A migid & A piece of rolled old skin.


-No, they CAN'T!

But they are acting AS IF they CAN! fuck.

In the beginning, Migid volunteered happily that he wants to sleep at the dining hall. Then I suppose he was too bored & know no one yet here at Tas so, he used me as his playmate. -to fight, to make noise, to have fun.

Alright, alright, that's O.K~ But to FIGHT?!!! I'm not so FREE or in a MOOD to fight ANYTIME you WANT!?!

& so this would link to one of my previous entries which none of you would bother to search & read but, if you happened to have read / remember it before, it's the "Spatula Incident" thingy? Migid intentionally started a cat fight with me, pissed me off, & then from that day onwards used THAT as an EXCUSE to HATE me instead of LIKE.

& so, he hated the sight of me in the kitchen. FUCK YOU, JERK!

He moved to stay in a room with a piece of OLD dead SkiN. Well you see, Old Skin LOVES P.R.I.V.A.C.Y & was terrified that Migid moved in to sleep with him out of a sudden without asking his permission. But he didn't say anything to Migid. He came to Airene.

His first offer was : The girls pay 80 bux for single rooms. The guys pay 44 bux each. Per week.

We agreed blurrly.

He left the room.

I realized something...! 80 BUX!!! PER WEEK?! That means 240 ringgit PER WEEK! Previously, every one pays 62.

So we went to him & discussed again.

His 2ND offer was : The girls pay 52 bux for sharing. The guys pay 70 bux for single rooms. Per week.


So, IF the girls have to SHARE, we can't pay 44???!!!! What stale SHIT is hidden in his fucking brain???

I really feel like skinning his wrinkled skin, slice it to pieces, and stick it on his room wall with blood. Let him stay there forever with his so called bloody P.R.I.V.A.C.Y!

FYI, Old Skin is already 25 or perhaps 26 & all he got is just a piece of OLD SKIN wrapping up his dry bones and malfunctioning organs with a brain the size of a peanut. He is so bloody OLD already, OK?!, to be SO selfish & inconsiderate! Can't he THINK? Or perhaps he didn't care what other people think! Bastard.

Well, if he CAN'T, I CAN!

His actions made me look down on him so much I dare spit on his face & use a knife to make 2 slashes creating a BIG RED "X" just right THERE! How DARE he gave SUCH AN OFFER?! Doesn't that sound UNFAIR straight away to you???!! If you don't think so, maybe you are the same piece of shit as he is.

We approached him again.

This time, he has NO CHANCE to give ANY SHITTY OFFERS!!!

I MAKE IT : Girls pay 48. Guys pay 74.

-Don't you think that is more FAIR? Instead of...

HE MADE IT : Girls pay 52. Guys pay 70.

-I still remained it 7* for them for SINGLE rooms & the girls, for sharing, 4*. Isn't that balanced?

He had no choice but to accept it cuz we DIDN'T WANT to pay the extra 8 dollars (52-48) X2 .

Jesus! Thank god I'm smart enough to Stand On My Own Feet & Fight For What I Think Is Obviously RIGHT~!

What can he do? Kill me? For not paying 4 bux? Use that knife to cut your own dick & show it to your mother at Penang, lil' bro~! Show her what a MAN you are, & how PROUD could she be to have a CHICKEN son like YOU ARE!


Not gentleman AT ALL! Not even a BIT! -I'm not even asking for a lot~

So now, here is *NEW* Room! ^^

A Refresher : My old room... >.<

The result of changing Changing CHANGING ROOMS!!! FUCK! Spoil me cupboard. =.=
But it is fixed though.

It's not all that bad after all. Except that I bought a HUGE table to do my work (so I can throw everything around there & "work") a few days before this shit happened & it couldn't fit in the shared room. & so, this is what I did.

The Dining Room is now M.I.N.E.!

Who ask him to bully me; want to grab space izzit? Come grab lah!

Well, he CAN'T really. WHY?

Cuz he was the one that got us into all this mess, & also just AFTER I BOUGHT A NEW TABLE; so PROUD of it cuz it was a good BARGAIN, just because of HIS PRIVACY!!!!!!!! YOU really BASTRAD KAO KAO la, MOTHER FUCKER!

& ALSO, don't forget that MIGID who broke his PROMISE & now WE have to LIVE WITH HIS FOWLS ???!!! HE NOW HABITIZE in MY X ROOM!!!



It's OK. Irene & I went to Maccers (Mc D in Aussie) to indulge in ICE-CREAMSSS!!! Forget those ignorant jerks.

YaY! Friends 4Ever~!!! ^^

Mc Cafe's famous cupcake with pink icing !

When we have KFC's cookies at M'sia, in Aussie we have Maccer's !!! *=D

The gurlz also went Coles shopping to buy.....

T A D A ~ ~ !!!!! !!!!!

Cottage Cookies, Chocos, Tim Tams, Kit Kats, Deep DARK CHOCOLATEs, rich Milk Chocolate, &...

Herbal Infusion Teas!!!
1. Quietly Chamomile
2. Lemongrass & Ginger
3. Cranberry, Raspberry & Strawberry !!!
(Hopefully can help clean away the solid fats from chocolate in our bods... >.<)

Went Bizy Bee & had this:
1. It looks a LOT nicer before...
2. Now I've "shave" off the bits & pieces of oil / fat from the chicken,,,
3. here is the residue!!!

Back to Coles. I bought some chicken thighs to keep in the freezer & before packing them up into small tupperwares, I "de-skin" the fat out of the fat Australian chickens & the end result I got was THIS!
IMAGINE eating the chicken thighs WITHOUT "skinning"!!! I would have ended up with THIS MUCH fat inside my body!!!!!!!!!!

Even 192cm tall Michael eats small round breads & vegetable soup for lunch...

...& CaN still be SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!! =D

The Random Part Thingyyy~~!

I walked out of Uni one day & saw this.

The Visual Arts students doing a painting of a lady sitting in the valley of the giant fries!!! *Sweat*
P/S: Can you see her??? ^^

Clouds ; A symbolic of Romanticsm time...

& one of Barzun's list of romanticsm values?
-A return to nature! ; Black Swans, we've got here~!

~I was just trying to update you about myself...