Monday, March 12, 2007



1. Yelo Banana FritterS!!!

2 Bananas
A piece of cheese
A slice of butter

Melt butter into hot pan
Put in bananas before butter turns brown!
When you see a layer of burnt skin on banana & a fragrant aroma comes out,
Add CHEESE!!!!!
OMG OMG!! BIG NEWS! *hahaha!* -macam sua ku~ =.=
Let cheese melt & S-E-R-V-E-!

P/S: I forgot to take out the cheese earlier & our fridge is like freezer & so the cheese there can't melt. -___-"
But I can eat the whole piece of CHEESE just like that!!! *found good excuse this time!* =X

2. Yelo Breakfast Set!!!

1 big banana
1 egg
1 HUGE chunk of CHEESE
2 pieces of thinly slice of butter
2 slices of bread
A glass of milk.

Beat an egg. Add in 1T of milk. Add in the whole shredded CHUNK of CHEESE!
Heat pan. Slice banana while waiting; it shouldn't take long. - Part 1 done.
Put in butter & scramble CHEESY egg. - Part 2 done.
Apply butter on bread; I added pieces of CHEESE again. Arrange banana slices. - Part 3 done.

Put CHEESY egg on bread. - Part 4 done.

There you have your 3 become 1 Yelo Breakfast Set! - DONE.

Next story.
3. Yelo Pumpkin Soup with ang mo wan tan.

A sausage. (Wipe eccessive oil away! You'll never regret wasting that few seconds after seeing the oil on your kitchen paper!)

Butter your bread and add sausage. <--- THIS, is the AUSTRALIAN Style!!! Now, I intro you. Tasmanian BBQ is just-like-THAT. No need to waste money go shop.

Heightened Salad. WHY?
Added initiative to boil egg and potato.

The End Result : Another healthy sinly lunch. ^^