Sunday, March 25, 2007

XoxOooxXxoXo ~!

XoxOooxXxoXo ~!

I found a few random pictures from Google. Just for fun purposes.

AwWw... don't you feel the sadness of this little girl without hair eventhough she's just a cartoon character? It's like she's sobbing... "my heart is broken.... there..." under a snowy, dark, starry night, all alone by herself. Looks a bit scary, no? Scary as in a very cold & lonely state sense.

The next picture doesn't really bring me anything when I looked at it the 2ND time, but to think again about why the artist paint this picture so, you get to move your rusty brain from reality!

Imagine if YOU are the lady inside; wearing a beautiful BRIDE's gown... It's late at night when everyone has enter dream world, but you are alone on your wedding day's night, only with a LAMP STAND to accompany your lonely heart. Are you HAPPY? You are holding a LETTER in your hand. Look closely. The letter is in an AIR MAIL envelop. He has left. Maybe just now, AFTER the wedding? Or maybe SINCE this beautiful morn? If it's the second, it means you've WEPT all day; dried all the litres of tears your eyes you have, HEART-BROKEN, your body TORN apart, you don't even own yourself, you are LOST. You have NOTHING. Your fairy tale BETRAYED you. You can't see the FUTURE anymore, not even tomorrow or how to SURVIVE for even another second. What do you do? Who will you become 5 years later? Is this lady dead, or becoming even more strong?

When you are in the millenium now, you say "I love you" & "Let's break up" like... I don't know~ Nothing. Just like water. It flows away. So what? I can find another. I still have a long way to go. Life is beautiful, many things awaits me if not you. But I believe it doesn't really matter whether you are in the world now or before. Once you are married, these things don't apply anymore, especially when you are the woman. There are millions of women out there who don't mind the men married or divorced, they are just hungry fox-like creatures; preying on those lusty men. BUT WHICH MEN EYE FOR MARRIED OR DIVORCED WOMEN??? Even if you are not REALLY married, like in the picture, who bothers to listen to your long story?

How unfair is that?! I think I'm changing my mind back to become a feminist once more. This sucks!

Those who wants to argue or think that it's not neccessary for married women to be tied or blind folded can have your own thoughts. But think about it in general, females! Do you think all married women can flirt around like you? What will the world be then? Aren't we becoming like some of those bastards then?

OK. Enough of that. Another picture this time. See? It's a different one!!! -_______-"

This reminds me of Adam & Eve, doesn't it? Its so FULL of LUST and LOVE, my God! No, God wouldn't want to know all this. LOL!

However, this lovey-dovey-all-over-picture makes me lost. Maybe it's because I don't own a lover. If I do, perhaps I'll be happy. =.=""""s""""w""""t""""!

Whatever~. This is a picture of a pre-make out basically, to me. If you are definately NOT an artsy person & think that the woman is or perhaps dead, her bloody right arm is hanging over his sexy back over THERE!!!!!

Hmmmz... making love on the clouds with birds as witnesses..... Not a BaD ideA, huh? *HAHAHA!* q: