Friday, March 23, 2007

100% Plum Juice!

~ 100% Plum Juice ~

My housies finally came back from Melbourne. *relief* But my bad night sleeps are still on...

Yesterday, I got a dream about our house got haunted & all of us had to move to Arab cause there's no other cheaper place to hide. We stayed at the backpackers there where we all got so scared our beds were aligned in ONE row in ONE room.
1 2 3 4. - CheePing Ah Yap Aireen Cindy. =.=

However, the dream continues where my bed was "occupied". We had to find a bomoh (witch) to help us actually get rid of this "thing" NOW once & for all! & so we got this lady who in real life is my senior here at Tas but looks very weird indeed either in my dream or reality! I swear!!! & she has a name of a Malay man!!!!! *=S

She asked me to beat my bed a few times before sleeping & that that's a must & I said I do that everytime as it's cold. She then told me to throw away my white pillow & bolster case which happened to be those I brought from home dearly. omg~ I was so sad! Then she said my bed was too cold & that's why "they" like to sleep on cold, purple beds. *=S ZA DAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After she went home, I follow her instructions while Aireen helps me. The 2 other guys were in shock after everything & sat stoning on their beds & unpacked luggages as complimentary statues. Aireen started scolding for the 1ST time. I feel so bad! Can't believe MY bed is...

Suddenly, we realized something I don't remember what & we had to go back to the bomoh. We quickly ran as fast as possible to catch her as she lives across the river filled with crocodiles & it's NOT easy to go THERE! She saw us coming & ran faster!

"Something must be wrong with her! Or she won't be running away from US!" I told Aireen, panting while running out of breath.

"I think so too! Let's GO!!, CATCH her!!!!"

& so we did. She was wearing a big black T-shirt, holding a red book in her hands. -Her passport.

"Where are you going?! & Why are you running away from us?" we questioned her.

Her explaination was that we can't wear black at this place or it'll mean that the person is dealing with those "things" & so she was running home to change. While doubting, we see a few arabic women like wan tan (kind of dumpling), or ninja turtle or o o de (black black one) watching a view of some kind of Arabic men fighting.

The second used for my eye lids just to open was spilted into 10 parts. On the 5th, I thought I was on my very, own, nice, cosy, comfy bed back at Johor & relieved that all this was just a nightmare when I was at Tas & that now it's over, but I jumped out of bed starlted when it reached the 10th second; "TA DA~! Welcome to TASMANIA!* I'm still at TASMANIA; ON THE SAME BLOODY BED!!!!! *ShiteS~!*

I ran outside to the kitchen where the guys were talking & felt much better. Now that it's night, I have a phobia of going back there again...!!! )= I woke up thrice in that dream yesterday & it could continue!!! *=S

Anyway, Aireen bought me a pair of socks from Melbourne !

-Cotton Candy Socks! ; Ain't they cute? *^^*

-My socks & gloves collection at Aussie !

For those of you who remembered, see the two pairs of gloves over there? My daddy brought them for mE!!! The light blue one can be a bear bear puppet too! #^x^#

Ah Yap bought me a dolphin bracelet !!! *=D

& this is how it lOOks on my hand... Nice? Kristen was the one who noticed it & complimented on the dolphins~! ^^

A random "artistic painting" of me looking pale dead - It must be the dolphins! *=O They wanted me to be a Mermaid!!!!! That's why you can't see the tail-turn-into-legs process. *hahaha!* =.=

-Cinderella turns Sleeping Beauty, 2007 *lol*

Another artistic picture -

-A Brunett's Waves of Every Raven Tress, 2007 *LOL*

-An Evening in A Mock, 2007

-Girl From Taiwan to Japan

-A Pink Lie.