Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Me, U, & Our Story (2 Sept 05)

Me, You , & Our Story

We started out as net-friends,
talkin bout the rest of our lives;
who r we & what 2 bcom,
we get so Xcited & so scare,
laughing at ourselves,
thinkin' life's not fair.

U told me I'm special,
& I'm ur Cinderella,
I thought U r my prince,
the 1 vf a unicorn,
We r cool, & we r special,
but we r different, & nvr the same...

As time pass by,
we learnt ,
we learnt life,
we learnt reality,
we learnt 2 dream,
we learnt 2 sacrify.

Our was simple,
but never easy,
a door opens,
& another closes,
but we learnt 2 appreciate,
& 2 let go.

U r like a dream,
when u enter my life,
I wonder if U r real,
or nvr surreal,
bcuz U dissappear whn I c U,
& U'r invisible once I feel U.

1 summer,
we met 4 the 1st time,
our cheeks r as red as ripe tomatoes,
our lips 4get how 2 turn down,
the air smells like chocolate factory,
& anywhere is beach paradise.

That night in ur car,
under the moonlight,
she witnesses our 1st kiss.
We giggled at evry beat,
as U hold my tiny hands,
& how we 2 b teens.

As I lay on my bed,
my mind was filled vf thousands of U,
missing U like crazy,
praying 2mrw will come soon,
& wondering if U feel the same way,
vf me too.

We did evrything 2ghtr 4 d 1st time,
we Xperienced stuff we nvr did,
we don't care wat ppl wld say, or think,
we just 1 2 b happy, & 2 hv fun,
bcuz we hv each other,
& nth else could matter.

We dined in evry restaurants,
we watched evry single movies,
we goofed in evry malls,
we drove the whole country,
we gave each other nicknames,
we sang all the songs.

We introduced each other,
2 our family & friends,
we bullied the guards & police,
we break evry single rules,
we c evry doctors,
& we tried 2 go 2 heaven.

Once I was sick,
faint, & I dreamt of U,
We r in paradise,
living our happy ending,
& happily ever after,
vf no worries, no problems.

But ur warmth &
woke me up from my sleep.
U r bside me, waiting,
I can c tears in ur eyes,
& how much U me,
but hv 2 leave 4 d airplane soon..

I gathered my courage 2 stop my tears,
I sincerely let U go,
I gained my trust in U in a whole,
I believe in us, I believe in U,
& tht we can mk it 2gthr,
bcuz our is strong.

U r the best thing I ever had,
U r my prince,
U r "The One",
U r my Mr. Right,
but... that nvr get 2 lasts,
&, I was wrong...

Yesterday U asked me,
Y m I nvr d same vf d 1st day v met?
I realized evry 1st date 4ver IS different,
& I can nvr b the same vf tht.
I learnt what U want,
& what U wish me 2 become.

U told me U'r not U,
& tht U can nvr be U,
whn U r vf ME.
I m always ME,
& I can nvr b U,
or wat U 1 ME 2 be.

U asked whose fault is this?
Mayb we rushed 2 quickly,
Mayb we 4got how 2 cry,
Mayb we 4got 2 stop 2 think, see, & feel
what we'd missed all along,
but I would still say none of us is wrong.

We learnt this 6 months,
what is all this about.
Learning takes a lifetime,
& without mistakes,
we can nvr learn.,
so I thank U 4 ing me.

Now U can hv ur freedom,
& U can now b U once again,
Don't b sorry 4 me,
just bcuz we once had each other.
I'll b fine,
& I'll sincerely gv U all my blessings.

Because, I love you so...