Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Have You Ever Wondered? (9 Jan 2005)

Have You Ever Wondered?

I wonder
would any one bother
or care to read
and listen
what my heart wants to say?

She wants to speak
and sing
the story of the shiny needle
standing on her
plump pumping
red body
withering today.

People said they care
and that they are there
when I need an ear,
or a hug to share.
But why never they see
the sadness bury under my smile
which masks my sorrows
if they really care so?

I never understand
Why must be so complicated
Why a ing couple can’t be 2gether
Why happiness is so far out of reach,
When ing someone you can’t get
s you so,
he can trade the world for you.

Missing someone
far away
is like a lost
of a DeaD lover
in another world.
What is the difference
when the problem is distance?

Can you give me a chance
to admire you longer?
Can you feel how sad I feel
each time you depart with me?
To you
it seems nothing;
the same.
You see me cry
You taste my tears
You know where they came from
So don’t doubt it’s unreal.
You say don’t cry
and ask me to smile.
But have you ever try
to force a smile
out of a cry?


Surround by friends;
being liked, being d
being treated invisible.
I’m not alone
no matter who I’m with
where I am
or what I do,
my tears runs like water
when all I see is you.

Why can’t we be 2gether?
Why can’t we have more time?
Why so many obstacles?
Why test
how strong our is
when it’s such a waste of time?
All I want is you.
I don’t want…
I don’t want to see
all I see
is holding hands
and smooching lips
along the street
everywhere I go.

How do I feel?

Have you ever wondered?