Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ping Pong Politics

Few months back when I first started out at Starrfm's MARCOMM (Marketing & Communications) as my first official job, I loved it a lot. Everyone was so lovely towards me I didn't know what I could give in return.

From sharing fresh steaming chee cheong funs from 98.8, coming in office to see cute animal cut-outs from newspapers on my desktop indicating its my boyfriend!, the happy lunch hours with Jack, Willy, and PuiYan, to driving around town in the Sorento which smell like 100 years old Sushi doing LIVE crosses around town... I want to do it again.

Sometimes, I didn't know what I was doing. I kept trying and trying, and never stopped asking. I felt like a dwarf in the midst of busy giants finding Jacks' bones to grind. But after 3 months, I realized I learned a lot.

Organizing photoshoots for the DJs, interviews with The Star, following Nisha to meetings; observing and absorbing as much as I could, tripping over office blinds in big meetings I wasn't suppose to attend; embarrassing myself in front of big bosses, the joy and laughters with Mary, Audrey, Tim, Jerry, Helmi, all the DJs, and so many people I used to love...

Why things doesn't seem to be the same.

The main reason I switched to CPU (Creative Production Unit) is because I HATE writing press releases. Coming from a Performing Arts background, I feel and stand proud of my ability to think and write creatively. + with my personality, I know I can market and sell a product well as soon as I twist and sharpen my mind.

The other reason, which is as main as the main, apologies sent. I can't enclose.

Now, the yum cha rituals after work has diminished. I'm starting to feel the gap between Helmi who now has his own office ): , kahwai who seems to mix with the salesgirls alot now, Jerry in his shared office now watching DVDs whenever he's free, and I? I leave office at 6 sharp to go to the gym. Those golden kopitiam days were gone.

I'm not here to blog about my disappointments. Here's one happy thing we used to do; if not yum chaing at Shahida's...

Ping Pong.

Me naturally pulling a natural smile.

Partner with Jerry!

Laughing at a befallen ping pong ball from my clumsy pan~

Ok la... let Jerry hit better.

We're fun like that. (=

Capturing Trademark PingPong Poses of People... :

Tim's zhao pai dong zhuo.

JD's zhao pai dong zhuo.

Kah Wai's zhao pai dong zhuo!

Jeyrald's. hahaha...


Jerry's ?!?!?!



Jeremy's is magic.

He can disappear wtmf.

Cute snaps with bloggers like... :

Jeremy Teo - We see how things change, we talk about Infinities. I write with my nails on cushions under my thighs, He writes with his toe nails in his shoes. We make lil' bets with ourselves, We don't step on cracks, We both have mild OCD, We are walking on the same line. People guess we are together.

Jerry Teong - Always asking me to be "patient gurl, patience!" haha, telling us his tales from the ol' days, living life as a DJ too short, He's my specimen in Life in a way; I love studying characters, and he's definitely one not to be missed! Tho sometimes he could make me so geram I could shit a solid gold brick!

Tim Ho - Uncle Tim who found his ways through every lost highways. His stories are inspirational and one of a kind; making me think of the Big Questions every now and then. I learned inconceivably massive piles of lessons about work, life and people from this man. Never stingy with his knowledge, Uncle Tim is the most generous gentleman I've ever come to know!

Again, people are guessing we are together. It's just so funny.

Currently, in the CPU department, there's Me, Chen Hou (98.8's copywriter), and Desmond. We sit in a row like S.H.E. Tho I'm not that close with the programming dept anymore (because my work has nothing much to deal with em' now), I'm still very contented and loved by my new colleagues. However, I guess there are unhappy people when you are. Now.

People are saying that: I'm dating BOTH Chen Hou and Desmond AT THE SAME TIME. Chen Hou has a steady g/f and this salesgirl was asking if he would change his heart now that he knows me, and he went:

"I find Cindy a very nice girl to talk to,
and why is my relationship with my g/f your problem?"

Holy cow! Ha Ha Ha. Padan muka. Jealous bitches deserve spanks like this on their faces.

I think I'm awesome like that.

What??? Do you think I can date FOUR men at the same TIME?! That's hilarious. No wonder I don't have confirmed scripts to write for confirmed products. Look at what Starrfm's SALES people are working at? Oh I'm so, SO impressed by their hard work. My big boss should read this.

*~Signing off to curse my cloth pegs instead~*