Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Starts In Me.

I very frequently receive emails and sometimes, blog comments requesting me to share my make-up tips, or asking me how I manage to eat so much, but still manage to be in good shape.

Today comes the day for me to share my secret. But before going into the make-up part, this 101 has to be practiced first.

Beauty comes from within. There is no use increasing the inches of your make-up or improving your make-up skills each day but neglecting this Number ONE point.

So today's lesson is going to be based on
Dutch Lady's NEW 0% Fat Free Yogurt Drink, SHINE
's slogan:

It Starts In Me

~*~*SHINE!!!* ~*~

You are what you eat. This is what mum always tells me, and what I truly believe in. Of course it's not always only about what you consume, but little things that requires discipline as well.

I am very sure every one of you have read the below somewhere before. But here is my easy-peasy Top 5 summary of what I apply daily. (:

1. i have SEVEN hours of sleep a day. tho i've read at many places that 5 is the minimum, i would say that if you want to be beauty, 5 is NOT the correct number.

2. NOT sleeping at 3 A.M and waking up at 3 P.M, but sleeping BEFORE 12 A.M, and waking up at 7. And please DON'T sleep for more than 8 hours... it makes you slow .

3. Don't drink too much caffeinated and alcoholic drink. Drink fruit juices and yogurt drinks instead. And please DON'T smoke. It makes your skin dull and dry; thus making you look haggard and old.

4. Remove your make-up THOROUGHLY, and your eye make-up GENTLY.

5. DON'T STRESS!!!!! BREATHE!!! Do whatever you want to RELEASE stress please! Chocolate, exercise, screaming under your pillow, singing in your car, dancing on your bed, whatever makes you happy, girls!

All that promises me beauty from WITHIN~!

(PMS days are exceptional. my mind can't think straight and I can't control myself from eating fat fries with gravy and ice-creams in their tubs, or emoeing in blog posts!)

From, it might seems like I have bounteous permissions to indulge in sinful dainty delicacies like wonderfully carved chocolates, or rainbow flavored ice-cream, tiramisu, cheese cakes, etc. But there are a lot of things that are not what it seem to be girls.....


That's reality.

Flip through the pages of celebrity magazines. Sometimes you see flashy pictures of superstars in hot bikini bods, or adorned in marvelous attires. Sometimes you see paparazzi shots of perhaps Jessica Alba overindulging over an ice-cream, or Angelina Jolie coming out from Starbucks with a coffee topped with generous slap of cream.

But do you know what are behind-the-pages to get body beautiful?

I may not be a Hollywood star, but here is MY behind-the-scenes as a celebrity blogger. Each time I felt I put on weight; this is what I'll do. ONE week, ONLY on weekdays. You can also do this if you want. Enjoy~! (((:

RULE: Don't eat anything after 5 P.M?


I SAY: NO! EAT. But NO carbs, baybeh~!

BEGIN Dinner Day 1: GET HAWAII!!!

Cut a papaya into half...

And scoop the flesh out. That's for dinner. -1 papaya.

This is to make your stomach get use to only taking in fruits for the next 4 days, and to flush out all the toxics /bacteria / leftovers from your bloaty stomach through tangled up intestines. Then only can the concentrate vitamins absorb, and shine through your skin, flashing out that rosy inner beauty in you!

START Dinner Day 2: Get BERRIE CRAZIE!!!

1 papaya, 1 orange, and 1/2 a packet of strawberries drenched in PURE honey in a bloat glass.

Simply pour H2O into your glass after you're done chomping on your strawberries, and you have a glass of pure honey to help ease digestion too!

So what happened to the other half packet of the strawberries?

I mixed them with my favorite honeycomb cereal with real dried strawberry pieces, thennn add in Dutch Lady's 0% FAT FREE strawberry & berries SHINE yogurt drink!!!

How berriee craziee can one get, eyyy?! ^^

Our body needs a healthy amount of good bacteria in the digestive system, and yogurt is one perfect nutrient supplement for catering Probiotic, which means ''for life'', helping digestion and gives you immune function.

In fact, the health benefits of yogurt are so impressive that many health-conscious people like me make it a daily habit. (((:

Dinner Day 3: GO GREEEEN!!!

One whole lettuce + 1/2 packet of cherry tomatoes + 1 zucchini dressed in mayonnaise LIGHT.

My fruits AND veg to make my rejuvenating juice to refresh myself after a grueling day at work.

There you go~ GREEN INDEED!!!

Not only it is good for your eyes, it is good for your health, and skin.

Round it off with Dutch Lady's SHINE 0% fat drinking yogurt! Try this Lemon Lime flavor after having this crisp succulent salad. It simply makes the whole invigorating experience livelier! Don't forget the PLUS POINT; it is FAT. FREE. =DDD

Dinner Day 4: Alfafa Me Me.

My healthy, organic, veg~

4 apples for juice this time...

My lovely glass bowl of zesty salad and real apple juice...

This time rounding it off with Dutch Lady's SHINE Apple & Aloe 0% fat drinking yogurt.

I told you I have OCD. Everything has to be coordinated; from colors to now tastes! And nothing but SHINE Apple & Aloe Vera could wrap up this lovely apple-ish dinner of mine. ^^

Last Day Dinner Day 5: Mononoke Salad.

Carrots and apples all into the fruit extractor!!!

Mononoke Salad, Jade Z's creation. LOL!

p/s: chomping on fresh mushrooms just like that by itself makes me feel so cute. hahaha! i don't know why. why don't you try it?

Dutch Lady's SHINE Orange & Mango 0% Fat Yogurt Drink after. I guess it's because this awesome drink is also orange in color..... T-Hee!

And have. we. all. forgotten. that yogurt comes from milk? Which means yogurt eaters will also get a BONUS of having wonderful dose of animal protein found in dairy foods, which is CALCIUM!!! We need Calcium too, not only old people OKAY!

That, my friends, ends up our 5 Days diet dinner for a week. Once weekend arrives, don't feel guilty to have desserts. You can always do this ritual again. BETTER if you can swim for at least 30 minutes a day if you stay in a condo, or go for a jog with your iPod / MP3 player / a good puppy / a best friend. ;)


A balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and breathing easy makes you a so MUCH happier person, living a more meaningful life.

Remember to always wind down by listening to some nice jazzy or country music (or whatever works for you), when DOING things doesn't seems to help anymore.

Close your eyes, and give yourself the green light to enter the non-existing world -Loose yourself, and unleash the creative side in you. Explore~

At the end of the day, believe me, It starts in You. When you feel healthy, the world seems beauty, and you will be beauty.

p/s: i love all my Dutch Lady's 0% Fat Free Yogurt Drink, SHINE!!! (((((:


"Dutch Lady 0% fat drinking yoghurt" is NOW "SHINE 0% fat drinking yogurt"!!!

Not only they make a good team for diet, it's also a perfect DAILY drink for me, and my parents! (now even MUM always down one after jogging every morning lol) .

With 0% Fat, less sugar and less calories compare to other drinking yogurt, SHINE is the most healthy yogurt drink. The Green Tea extract helps work as an antioxidant, while active Live Cultures aims for good digestion and intestinal health in us!

Tsk Tsk. You know why this is important?

You "flush" out toxic substance from your body EASILY =
Goodbye to BLOATY stomach =


Can wear BODY HUGGING tops



That's why I love cultural drinks like this, and drink them DAILY.

p/s: An immense improvement have been done to this fruitful product (now in TWIN FRUIT COMBINATION!) while maintaining the remarkable taste!

So tell me, what are you going to have for dinner tonight? ^o^