Monday, February 4, 2008

The Kick !

This post is quite an outdated one. But..... not quite really. hehehe!!!

Reason being? Here is a relevant evangelical encounter. I got a part to act in a *NEW* Malaysian Teenage Drama Musical; "5 Jingga" once i came back from Australia. And the shoot will resume again after Chinese New Year ! =DDD

Here is my first visit to KL after 1 wholeee year @ Tasmania!!! >.< (i can't go back to Johor yet @ that moment because of 5 Jingga) SO , here we GOOOOO~~~!

*Sushi with Airene @ Sunway Pyramid 2*

computer generated menu,

snow flakes like lighting,



salmon rolls with mayonnaise and mustard,

i forgot what is this it looks damn ugly but its reallyyy delicious! ,

"Dragon Rolls",

beef for... ,

SuKiYaKi~!~!!~!!! =D

Airene; my BEST friend!!! ,

Me; as Miss C.

Pictures of Us :

And now introducing,,, Airene's sis! ; Hwee Rene!!!

Rene was wearing her Adonis uniform cuz she works there. kekeke~ we forced her to come out!

~~~Chillis @ 1 Utama~~~

SKY and Airene ,

Airene and Miss C .

Some casts of "5 Jingga"... (((:

God bless~ *XXOO*