Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vietnam u89

What is the maximum time given for "BRB" hey? i think i took agessss already since like 2 days ago~!

Neways, tomorrow is my PRK LASIK surgery (!!! X 1000000). F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! Hopefully i am able to do it. Delayed thrice because of my stUpiD fuckin' broken corneas!!! geezzz~ -____-"

Alright, NOW. My Vietnam trip. Here it comes...

Ama and Ah Kong; in front of the 1ST restaurant visited @ Vietnam

Mum and I in front of a hotel we stayed in

Bro & I in our Sesame Street T-Shirts i got from Australia! Aint they cool hey; me bOObs have Elmo. LOL!!!

The Mausoleum

My wonderful family + Ama @ the mausoleum where we see Ho Chi Minh sleeps in a glass coffin like Miss Snow White

i'm the real Snow White hey~ q:

Ho Chi My negro 's dining area

my brother, Eugene, if you havent meet him

some weird fruits like balls

#1 Group Pic

Me and my Mummy along the postcard centre

see how damn smooth this turtle's head is! the Vietnamese believe that 70% of one's success comes from hard work, and 30% comes from the LUCK you get from stroking the turtle's HEAD!

a grandparents and grandkids picture

Lunch Time !!

On a beccca ride along HakLong city

pouting like a real poser

the handicap people's factory

a famous foot massage centre

ah kong @ dinner

@ the Night Market after dinner

as we rode a coach back on a pony! :D

at the hotel room; awearily posing~

The following day...

sweet Welter who named me titty girl, and Me !

#2 Group Pic

Miss C cruising on a boat *^^*

the tiniest island i've ever seen!

the smaller boat selling fruits to bigger boats

and you get to see how desperate they are! we never even said we want any, man~!

my brother and i

Miss C and Azman who named himself "Assman". =s

my whole new bunch of friends (from East Malaysia + Perth) made in Vietnam... (:

#3 Group Pic

the cave not picturesque enough to beat China's so they have to put colorful neons in? >.<

Mum in front of the "Route to Heaven"; believe the Vietnamese

before leaving a fishing village

the impossible motorbike jam war @ Vietnam city

Water Puppet Show

with fire crackers which was the only part that impressed people for only 5 seconds... aduhhh

@ one of the buffet breakfast tables

Miss C | Inh our tour guide | Eugene

Vietnamese-d myself! hehehe

At the "Parliment" (Sorry la, too sien wannn i can't be bothered to remember the name of the place! lol)

#4 Group Pic from the WHOLE trip

#5 Group Pic @ Tien Hao Temple

Ah Kong representing our family lighting up the whirling joystick which was then hung above the temple

random shop named "Chicken Town" ?!?!?! -_____-" Eugene and I just thought it might be interesting.

Dinner on a boat!!! this one is DAMN FREAKIN' AWESOME, MAN!!! i swear to God!

this is the boat i'm talking about. it really moves when you're dining hey! perfectly light up, filled with musical and magic performances, cruising along Halong Bay while celebrating New Year..... :DDD

This next stop is where we get to witness the traps and tracks of the Vietnamese war yearsss back~!

and you get to try this.

but try this one you'll never come up again hey! hahaha!!!

Cindy and David - i actually think this guy here looks like Wang LeeHom~ qqq:

Karaoke on the lasttt nighttt..... ))):

have insufficient memory space to take more pics; but these are the chosen ones. hope you enjoyed it; i'm off to KL for another ONE WEEK or so with my new friend from Australia...

if you studied @ overseas before, i'm sure you'll understand how impossible it IS to find time for blogging once you come HOME! please forgive me...

p/s: what's your new year resolution this 2008? you know what's mine? - Not to fall in love. *;)