Monday, May 7, 2007

*~* Reason for Adam : A Night Just For Eve *~*

*~* Reason for Adam : A Night Just For Eve *~*

Airene & I went to Uniting Church in OZ yesterday! It was my 1ST visit to church at OZ & the 2ND in my life!

The beginning... ! : 4 Pretty Gurlz in A Row~!

Two Adams preparing drinks for Eves ; Lime, Orange, Raspberry, Mixture of 3, + Milk! *hehe* Colorful, ain't? (=*

Loving Hearts hanging above the wall... Awww~ SO Romantic!!! I'm lovin' it! *>.<*

Eden : Eve for a reason (Adam's) ; A night just for Eve(ssss!) Those heads are all Adams', btw~ LOL!

Church songs, Performances, Slides, Music, Singing, Speeches... Oh ya, Speeches! See the middle picture in the 2ND row below? At first, all the Eves had to stand in a circle while the Adams chose their Eve(s). Then, they were given 3 minutes to do an interview & will have to give a 30 sec non-stop speech about their Eve! kekeke... That guy there, (Felix), was my Adam is giving a speech about me! *snifflez*

The 2 girls singing while dinner is served...!

Dinner!!! (Cooked by Adams) : Chicken soup & Pasta with the choice of tuna or bacon~! How thoughtful... *^o^*

EXTRA Yummilicious HeaRt-MeLTinG CHOColate Dippings for Fruits, Live Performances + ENCORE *lol*, & cute men-made gifts too! (I know it sounds funny; cute? men?! hahaha!!) -Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Toffee, Butterscotch, & LOLLIPOP!!!

*** Mr. J, Airene, & Me ***

~~ Jade Eve's Adam for The Night ~~ *kekeke...!!!*

*~* Dearest Airene & I... mmuuaakksss 4 U, babe~! ^^ *~*

The 2 Cs --Chong & Cindy : Looks as if we planned to wear black~ lol...

F-U-N Girly ShotS with Evonne!!!!! *muahahaha.....*

The Pianist, Violinist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Song writer, Performer : Richard Chung.
HahahA!!! Uncle, so keng merhh...~ *hehehe!*

Now, the double Js -- Mr. J & Jade Zheng : & Now we are Black & White. Or maybe vice versa... *LOL!*

The J brothers : Mr. J & Jason (Man, they are REAL brothers ; Jason is the younger 1. Don't you think he looks KOREAN??! hahaha...)

lOOk at Mr. J to-the-right-To-The-RIGHT!!! HAHAHA!!! He was doing the Buddha thing in the Church & talking about rape cases... =.= "" I wonder what's his starsign... *hmmzz~~*

The L-O-V-E Wall !!! *=D
Cyndi LOVES You ~~~ #^o^#

I had so much fun yesterday! Well, it wasn't a hard-core party thingy but I simply felt satisfied & contented. Maybe that's what you get from going to the church. I learnt to see how much Christians appreciate things compared to those who are not or don't go to church. Of course there are exceptions. Need not go into that~

Ermm... We were also given a slice of pink paper each Quoting, : Man was created for the glory of God & Woman for the glory of Man. hEhE.. What do you think?

Went home, cooked butter chicken curry for supper while Airene made pancakes, had some girly-gurlz-gossips, chatted on MSN with Richard till about 4, enjoyed a pleasurable hot bath as it was too cold, & went to bed at about 5 a.m..

What a longggg... tired... happy, 'N' contented day... @>----