Friday, May 11, 2007

Dismay This May

Dismay This May

I should have done more. It's always like that~ Does anyone recall that? Or been there before? *Arrgghhh!!!* Now I hate myself.

I really SHOULD have done MORE! It's ALWAYS like THAT~!! Mock me, please. & it JUST happened to me AGAIN!!! *ARRGGHHH!!!* I DO hate myself.

What happened? WHAT HAPPENED???!!! fulafigafisciouskodazaboramm~!!!!!


I just had a photo shoot, YES, a PHOTO SHOOT for my SDF (Student Directed Festival) ; a course we are taking this semester where each & every student will be a director, YES, a DIRECTOR, and the photos will ALSO be used for our Graduation Show ; Tamar Tidings, where all of us will combine with all theater groups in Tasmania and perform on a barge along a river call Tamar river, producing a community theater project!

But it's NOT about THAT!!! It's about the PHOTO SHOOT!

I screwED it.

I SCREWED IT!!!!! *UrghhH~!* HIT ME!


-The truth is, I was 15 minutes late & the shoot takes 15 minutes. =.=

-The Explaination :
I have to wake up 2 hours earlier before going out. Alright, you can go, "Oh yea, all girls are like that~" or "Why are you so slow" or "Do things faster lah", WHATEVER, OK? What makes you happy~ I hate myself for being so slow but that's the MINIMUM I can go!!! )=

-Secondly, I can't focus because I wanted to focus. =.="""

-The Explaination :
I had to take off my jumper when the photos were taken!!! Really, go topless accept for with my strapless bra on... *=S Well... ehem.

I don't know !!!!!

We are all stereotyped for how we should look by the head of school's 1ST impression of you & mine is the sweet, cute & n.a.u.g.h.t.y look. That's whY my jumper was off! Aiks~

I suppose I was not very comfortable without my shirt though I AM naughty & LOVE taking professional photos like hell & was trying to focus AMAIC (As Much As I Could) but couldn't really!!!!! !!!!! *>.<*

YEERRRRRRR~~~ I want to Turn Back Time can ?????!!! I KNOW I CAN DO B-E-T-T-E-R!!!

For the first shot, I had to imagine that the huge bulky camera is a cute, poor abandoned child who is now my new friend and put my fingers; forming a diamond shape under my chin above a small black table with my clothes off. I tried smiling & be as natural as possible but I-just-can't-focus!!!

Then, I had to be c.h.e.e.k.y & pose. Argh! Again, I DON'T KNOW WHY I-just-didn't-give my BEST Shot!!! Now I know what the girls on American Next Top Model feels when they say "I know I can do better but ...".

AiyO~! Last time I thought, cheh~ Take 1 pic also cannot focus then only want to regret, Nah~ now this is what I feel. No Explaination one. -_____________-"

Anyway, will post up the picture taken next week when it's done. Paid $25 to get a vague picture of myself in my mind, & mind me I'm a cam whore. How un-satisfied can I be NoW~?!

Kolian -.- "