Friday, January 19, 2007

The Conversation...

The Missing Conversation...


"How r u?"

"Oh... I see..."

"Erm, what are you doing?"
"Ah, I see..."

"Oh, I was busy doing some stuff just now."

"Oh, OK. So... Why do you call?"
"Me? Oh, this call...
I just ar...
want to know how you've been doing."
"I'm fine. Alive. Still breathing. Thank you for your concern."

"Oh... ok...
Am I disturbing you? I'm sorry if I do"
"...Well... no... Is there anything you want to say?"

"... You?"
"I asked you first."

"Girl... I..."

"Sorry... Goodbye. I won't forget what U tell me today.... & I won't forget U..."

How I wish I can say what I want to say
But I know I can't change anything,
You can't let go of your dreams;
Which holds our future
& I can't let go mine;
letting down everyone & myself.

Why are things so ironic?
When I ask why can't U let go of everything for me
If U say U love me so;
& I know I love U too
But why can't I do the same?

Why some people can, but why can't we?
Is it true that between love & dreams,
there is a winner?
Which one you fight for most in your heart wins;
Is that true?

Each time when U called,
How I wish I can tell U I miss U,
I love U a thousand times more
But is there a use?
What can U do, what can I do?

I love you very much,
But I'm tired.
I feel like a wilting rose
Dying in a vase of red wine
Depending on a poison to live, & live...

I can still breathe, but for how long?
Honey, when can this end?
Honey, when can this end...
How do U want to end this?
Do U want to end it?

Why can't we be together?
Why can others be?
How do those who can't live?
How do I live?
How do I go on, move on...?

I am lost
& I am stuck
But U r too far
To save me out of this rut,
Leaving me crying in the dark

What a girl wants
Is just so simple
But simple as it is
So hard to earn
So complicated, you can't word it

If goodbye can solve everything,
Can we goodbye & just let it be?
Why are we still holding on,
Reluctant to let this go?
What is this love?

I'm yearning to know...

I don't love.